Update 1.2 & the Cassette Beasts Showcase

Hello, everyone!

If you missed the Cassette Beasts Showcase, packed with new content announcements and news, check it out here:

Here is a quick recap:

The 1.2 “Catacombs” content update is now live!

The update also includes a series of performance and visual updates for consoles in addition to the new content coming for all platforms. You’ll get to delve deeper and discover a few treasures thought to be lost to the age of time!

  • A new hidden location – can you find the abandoned mine?
  • 8 new monsters to find, including 3 alternate remastered forms of existing monsters, 4 new monsters to discover in the world, and a secret unique monster!
  • 10 new moves, including a new attack, several moves centered around new status effects, and 4 new passives. 

If your update didn’t start automatically, make sure you have version 1.2.0 to be able to play the new content. There might be a slight delay on the update going live depending on the platform!

Multiplayer is coming to Cassette Beasts! 

Online multiplayer is coming to Cassette Beasts! Now in active development, we’re super excited to announce these features that will be arriving in future as a free update for all versions of Cassette Beasts:

  • Go adventuring with up to 8 friends!
  • Trade tapes with each other!
  • Challenge your friends to battles with various custom rulesets!
  • Team up in raid battles against Rogue Fusions!

Developing multiplayer is a big technical undertaking so we haven’t got any dates to announce just yet – we’ll update you when we can!

Venture to the “Pier of the Unknown”!

Announced at the Showcase, Pier of the Unknown is an upcoming DLC expansion for Cassette Beasts. What is this all about? You’ll have to just wait and see…

Cassette Beasts Soundtrack: Physical Release!

You’ve asked for it! We’ve partnered with Black Screen Records for a physical release of the Cassette Beasts soundtrack by Joel Baylis! With both a 2-disc vinyl and a cassette tape release (of course!) this is an awesome way to enjoy the bangin’ tunes of Cassette Beasts! You can preorder these releases here:


We’ve had a lot of requests for monster plushes, so we’re happy to announce we’re working with the cool folks at Symbiote Studios on a line of Cassette Beasts plushes! On the Showcase, we showed a sneak peek at the Pombomb plush. We can’t wait for these – we’ll keep the community updated on what other monsters will be available, and when they’ll be available to preorder!

Wow, that’s a whole lot of stuff, huh? There’s a lot of cool stuff happening with Cassette Beasts, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without the continued support and enthusiasm from our community. Thanks for all the support so far – we’re really happy you’re all along for the Cassette Beasts journey with us!

If you want to discuss this in our community, you should swing by the official Discord, our official subreddit and follow us on Twitter!

Until next time!