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Monster Showcase

It’s time for another monster showcase! You’ll have seen some of these before, but perhaps not all of them! Why don’t we take a look?

Sirenade #024
Element: Air

French: Sirènade
Italian: Sirenata
German: Sirenade
Spanish: Sirenata

You’ve already seen this one before if you played our demo – Kayleigh’s signature monster form Sirenade! Sirenades are particularly loud creatures, and can amplify their own singing voices through their microphone tails and wings. They don’t seem to have much awareness as to whether or not their singing is too loud for those around them.

Muskrateer #061
Element: Beast

French: Mousquerataire
Italian: Muschettiere
German: Moschketier
Spanish: Mosqueterrata

Muskrateers can often be found sharpening their swords on stones in the underground caves where they dwell. It is not uncommon to find them duelling any Squireys that happen to cross their paths. I also hear that they have remarkable balance!

Weevilite #012
Element: Plastic

French: Lumicrabe
Italian: Semaforello
German: Rüsselampel
Spanish: Semaforgojo

You might be able to guess – but this is one of the remastered forms of Traffikrab! The Weevilite’s long necks allow them to spot weaker monsters from afar, and by alternating flashes of their red and green eyes they can paralyse their prey with dizziness and mild migraines. This remastered form specialises in attack.

Terracooka #076
Element: Earth

French: Terracuisto
Italian: Terracotto
German: Terrakocher
Spanish: Terracocido

Terracookas are aspiring chefs, and will attempt to cook with whatever ingredients they can find in their subterranean cave habitats. Unfortunately this means that most of their practiced recipes include lichen, moss, or both lichen and moss.

Elfless #066
Element: Ice

French: Maskelfe
Italian: Introvelfo
German: Elflos
Spanish: Elfolfo

It’s a fun Christmas Elf! …It is fun, right? In order to hide their true emotions, Elfless fashion crude smiling masks out of tree bark. Unsubstantiated rumours claim that there is one day a year where all Elfless will assemble together to replace their old masks with new ones.

Macabra #028
Element: Beast

French: Macabra
Italian: Macabra
German: Makabra
Spanish: Macabra

What’s this fearsome thing?! The Macabra cannot see, but instead has the ability to “taste” the air around it for potential prey. It prefers to do so from a higher vantage point, and will often find a rock or animal skull to perch on whilst hunting.

OK, what does a fusion between Sirenade and Elfless look like, then?

Sirenless! Terrifying – I see! Well, that does it for this week. Which monster form would you transform into to battle? Come and let us know on our official Discord! You can always follow us on Twitter, too!

Until next time!

Monster Showcase

Hey folks! It’s time to introduce some of the monsters of Cassette Beasts – including some you’ve seen before and some you might not have! Here we go…

Bansheep #019
Element: Beast

French: Fantômouton
Italian: Stregovina
German: Geisterschaf
Spanish: Beenshee

One of the two starting monsters you can choose from in Cassette Beasts, you may have already seen Bansheep if you played our Steam Next Fest demo back in October!

The eerie moans of the wild Bansheep at night have led many to believe that they are restless undead spirits, but this is untrue: they are very much alive, they just like to have a bit of a whine. Who doesn’t?

Candevil #014
Element: Beast

French: Gourmandiable
Italian: Zuccherello
German: Bonbonteufel
Spanish: Diablamelo

Candevils possess the peculiar ability to generate sugary sweets from their bodies, which can be used as gifts or as ballistic projectiles. Some find this quite charming, whereas others argue that it’s actually very weird and gross.

Candevil is the other starting monster. While Candevil and Bansheep both start with the Beast element, each of them can be remastered along two different branches, into more evolved forms that have very different elemental types.

Salamagus #059
Element: Fire

French: Salamage
Italian: Salamagus
German: Salamagus
Spanish: Salamago

The slippery Salamagus is a student of pyromancy and other arcane arts. It is able to breathe fire using fuel it stores in the pouches on its head – incidentally, these look like giant googly eyes to the untrained eye.

Squirey #034
Element: Beast

French: Écurikiki
Italian: Scudierrante
German: Drahtknappe
Spanish: Escuderazado

The common Squirey is often seen roaming the plains of New Wirral, searching for opponents to battle. Despite their cute appearances, they are dedicated warriors and driven by an innate desire for self-improvement.

Palangolin #036
Element: Metal

French: Palangolin
Italian: Lanciolino
German: Palangolin
Spanish: Palangolín

The Palangolin is the mature form of a Squirey who has remained true to their principles, and has become a knight of great virtue. Palangolins wield striking golden halberds, which they use to defend their allies in the heat of battle.

Manispear #035
Element: Metal

French: Chevalance
Italian: Malabardo
German: Manispeer
Spanish: Manistratega

Hey, wait… This one’s new, right?

If a Squirey gives in to their dark impulses whilst training, it is destined to become a Manispear. Hiding its face beneath a black helmet, the Manispear fights without restraint or self-control.

Wondering what a fusion of Manispear and Palangolin looks like? Well, together they form Manisgolin!

What is your favourite monster shown today? Come and let us know on our official Discord! You can always follow us on Twitter, too!

Until next time!

Monster Showcase

This week, we wanted to do a deep dive into some of the monsters of Cassette Beasts – including ones you’ve seen before, and ones you might not have! Let’s get started, shall we?

Springheel #001
Element: Beast

French: Ressortalon
Italian: Saltatore
German: Sprungfeder
Spanish: Botajack

The impish Springheel is a sight you will no doubt have seen if you played our Steam Next Fest demo! This annoying creature hides behind walls and trees where it is not easily spotted, only to leap out and attack those unlucky enough to pass by. In this form, however, the element of surprise belongs to you!

Tokusect #033
Element: Air

French: Tokusecte
Italian: Tokusetto
German: Tokusekt
Spanish: Tokusecto

Tokusects have extremely aerodynamic bodies, aiding a fighting style that is focused around using their pointed legs to strike opponents and channel powerful currents of air. In this form, your swift kicks can strike foes several times in the time it takes a moth to beat its wings.

Southpaw #040
Element: Metal

French: Loupunch
Italian: Lupomenaro
German: Linksausleger
Spanish: Lupdirecto

The mature form of the Puppercut, the Southpaw is covered in a light, flexible metal alloy that protects it without slowing it down. This wolf is a fast melee attacker – in this form, your strengths in battle will be your ability to hit fast and hit first.

Velocirifle #042
Element: Fire

French: Fusiraptor
Italian: Fuciliraptor
German: Velociflinte
Spanish: Velocirrifle

The base of its skull has chambers full of gunpowder that it can use to cause explosions. It can fire objects out of its face this way, as well as quick blasts of fire and flame! Whilst weak in melee combat, it excels as a ranged attacker.

Grampus #066
Element: Ice

French: Grampus
Italian: Adirampus
German: Grantpus
Spanish: Krampuñón

The fully matured form of Elfless. Having spent many years suppressing its emotions, the Grampus is a hulking brute with a desire to impart its own misery onto others, particularly during festive seasons. In this form, your melee strength will be very formidable!

Mascotoy #080
Element: Plastic

French: Mascotrépas
Italian: Mascolocco
German: Maskottier
Spanish: Mascuguete

Mascotoy proves that plastic-type beasts aren’t all fun and games. Once some sort of character costume, the Mascotoy is now closer to a shambling corpse. Whilst it’s slow, you wouldn’t want to be on the pointy end of its oversized claw. Perhaps if one were to record it, however, this unnerving entity would make for a formidable form to take in battle.

Cluckabilly #100
Element: Air

French: Cocorirock
Italian: Chicchirockì
German: Gackerbilly
Spanish: Cocabilly

Oh – this is new! Cluckabillies are defined by their antisocial attitudes. The force of their angry caws can be strong enough to create shockwaves. Whilst they may look unthreatening in their adolescent forms, it is said that they are capable of growing into something much more dangerous. They are well-rounded in battle, but their razor sharp blade tails give them a slight edge as melee fighters.

Last blog we teased a fusion between Domimoth and Nevermort.

What does that look like, exactly?

Well, they form Domimort!

Is that what you expected? Next time we’ll show off a fusion of two of the monsters shown off here today. Which two? You’ll just have to find out!

What is your favourite monster shown off today? Come and let us know on our official Discord! You can always follow us on Twitter, too!

Until next time!

Quoth the Raven, Nevermort

Hi everyone, I’ve got two new monsters to show you this week!

Nevermort, the plague-bearer.

Nevermort, the poison-type bird, is a pest common to the south of the island of New Wirral. Nevermort are most feared for their disease-spreading dive-bombing of passersby, and cacophonous squawks, but also pose a minor nuisance on Piper Farm in the west. Regardless, it’s best not to get on their bad side if you don’t want to be outnumbered–they’re known for calling to each other for help when in need!

It must be noted that the Nevermort does not have a beak—rather, it is wearing what appears to be a porcelain plague doctor mask. What face lies beneath the mask is something better left undiscovered.

Allseer, the curious watcher.

Whether the metal-type Allseer is a machine from elsewhere, or a creature native to New Wirral is impossible to tell. Allseer are mostly seen at night, around large bodies of water and dense forests, hovering several meters off the ground. They get their name from their unnerving behaviour, wherein they appear to silently observe passing humans with a single unblinking scarlet “eye”. Their motivations, and their underwater activities, remain a mystery.

That’s all for this week. As always, don’t forget to wishlist Cassette Beasts, join the growing community on our Discord server, and keep up with Cassette Beasts news on Twitter! Catch you all later!

Go Down Swinging

Hey folks! This week we’re showing off another new monster from Cassette Beasts!

Southpaw has a mean left hook!

Southpaw is a fast-moving, fast punching metal-type beast. Their bodies are coated with a lightweight and flexible metal that allow them to withstand attacks and deliver swift attacks. Unlike Palangolin, which use heavy armour plating and long-range weapons to fight, transforming into Southpaw gives you a lightweight and aggressive form that allows for a more agile approach to battle.

It makes you wonder: what if Palangolin and Southpaw fused in battle?

Combine your powers to become Palanpaw!

While most of the monsters in Cassette Beasts are designed in-house at Bytten Studio, Southpaw was designed for us by character artist Sami Briggs (Smai). Sami has drawn some really cool art for the project, and Southpaw’s pixel art sprite was drawn based on her initial concept below:

click to enlarge

When asked about her thoughts when designing Southpaw, Sami said:
“I love creating things that look cool, sharp and sometimes exaggerated, so I really wanted to design a beast that represents my style and tastes! I felt a half-wolf, half-robot boxer would be an interesting combo that best reflected what I was after!”

That’s all from us for now! You can follow us for more news on our Twitter page, and you can do the same for Sami if you’d like to see more of her work. Don’t forget, you can wishlist Cassette Beasts on Steam!

Collecting Stickers

Hey folks! Today I’m going to run you through how you’ll be able to configure your monster tapes with new moves and abilities! Scroll down if you’re just here to check out the new beast, Palangolin.

This ‘rare’ version of Shield Bash also puts the target to sleep.

In Cassette Beasts you’ll fight by using your cassette tapes to transform into the monsters you’ve recorded. At first, your tapes won’t have many moves to use in battle, but as you spend more time using them they’ll unlock new ones. If you don’t like the moves a tape gets by default you can always replace them using stickers! A move you don’t want can be peeled off as a sticker, freeing up an empty slot for you to put a different move sticker down!

You’ll get move stickers in a few ways (including by peeling them off of other tapes), but what’s important is that you can always easily peel and apply them to customise your combat abilities. In some ways, finding a good set of stickers is just as important as finding a good set of tapes. Not all stickers are compatible with all tapes of course, so if a particular strategy you have in mind requires certain moves, you may need to take that into consideration when choosing your tapes.

Some stickers provide a passive ability instead of a regular attack. And some stickers affect which branch your tape will take when evolved. So they’re pretty useful things with wide variety of effects!

Occasionally, you’ll come across a sticker marked as ‘Uncommon’ or ‘Rare.’ These stickers come with added randomised attributes that provide bonuses over the regular ‘Common’ version of the sticker, such as increased damage, or a chance to provide a buff, or inflict a debuff.

Here are some more examples (click to zoom):

Smack is a basic attacking move that costs no AP. You’ll use this when you’re saving up AP for your big attacks. In addition, it’s typeless, so here it’s getting the Plastic type from my Traffikrab.

This version of Smack has two uncommon attributes: one that will sometimes let your attack go before others, and one that gives you a higher critical hit rate the more sticker slots you leave empty. Fully upgraded and evolved tapes have up to 8 sticker slots, so this is quite good!

Inflame is a ranged Fire-type attack. This one has two uncommon attributes that work really well together: one increases the damage dealt by critical hits, while the other guarantees a critical hit when you’re at a type advantage (in addition to the usual debuffs type advantaged-attacks inflict).

AP Refund is a passive ability, a kind of move that you don’t use manually, but is triggered automatically by certain conditions. This AP Refund sticker has one uncommon (green) and one rare (blue) attribute. The uncommon attribute increases the chance of AP Refund taking effect after I use another move. The rare one passively increases my Melee Attack stat by 3%. As long as I have the tape and the sticker equipped my Melee Attack stat is higher!

Elemental Wall is a status effect move that a lot of monsters can get access to. It creates a wall in front of the user can block incoming hits for a while. There are various ways of countering walls with type chemistry, multi-hit attacks and so on, but what’s interesting here is its rare attribute: it has a chance to automatically be used (for free) at the start of battle!

And that’s just a taste of the moves and attributes available! So far the game has more than 170 moves with plans for more, and over 60 different kinds of attributes.

Rare and uncommon stickers can be obtained by upgrading your tapes through combat, and from certain chests and merchants. Bootleg monsters have a slightly higher chance of unlocking rare and uncommon stickers when upgraded!


You might have noticed a new monster in the video above. It’s Palangolin, chivalric knight of principles and honour. Palangolins wield striking golden halberds, which they use to defend their allies in the heat of battle.

Palangolin, the heroic paladin pangolin.

Finally, in case you missed them, here are a couple of little videos we’ve tweeted over the last few weeks–including a quick look at the bestiary, and a timelapse of the day-night cycle! And hey, while you’re here, don’t forget to wishlist Cassette Beasts on Steam!

Mascotoy Story

What is the creature that shuffles across the empty expanse of a long-abandoned mall? The being which saunters onwards endlessly, despite losing much of its polyester stuffing? Some say you can occasionally hear them crying–but perhaps that’s just the sound they make when they’re devouring some unlucky soul with their zipper maws.

Mascotoy just wants to be friends…

Mascotoy proves that plastic-type beasts aren’t all fun and games. Once some sort of character costume, the Mascotoy is now closer to a shambling corpse. Whilst it’s slow, you wouldn’t want to be on the pointy end of its oversized claw. Perhaps if one were to record it, however, this unnerving entity would make for a formidable form to take in battle.

We’ve got some big and exciting Cassette Beasts news to announce soon, so you should keep an eye on our Twitter page! We’ll sometimes show off some exclusive looks at the game there, such as this sneak peek at the character creation:

If you’re excited for the game, don’t forget to wishlist it on Steam! Until next time!

Fire & Ice

Hey, everyone! The summer is over now, and a cold wind is slowly but surely upon us. Development on Cassette Beasts is going well, and we thought it’d be a great time to show off some new monsters! To match the changing of seasons, we’ve gone for a fire and ice duo.

Elfless and Artillerex

Elfless is the first ice-type monster we’ve shown! The Elfless fashion crude masks out of tree bark in order to hide their true emotions. Rumours say that there is one day a year when all the Elfless of New Wirral gather to replace their old masks with new fresh ones. In battle, they are nimble and spry, and able to summon blasts of snow and ice with a click of their fingers.

Artillerex is a mighty fire-type monster, towering above the diminutive Elfless. Its body contains a pit of molten metal, which it can form into shrapnel and shoot out in blasts from the “turret” on its belly. Keen eyed fans may remember Artillerex from its brief appearance in our reveal trailer. It surely must be one of the most powerful (and biggest) monster forms you can find on New Wirral!

You might be asking yourself what these two monsters might look if you fused them with the fusion mechanic. Well…

If you have a monster tape for both Elfless and Artillerex, you and your partner can combine to become Elfrex!

That’s all for now! As always, you can chat to us and the community on our Discord server, and keep up with Cassette Beasts news on Twitter! See you next time!

Cassette Beasts Quarterly Wrap Up #1

Hey everyone! It’s been 3 months since we announced Cassette Beasts so we thought it’d be nice to do a catch up of everything we’ve revealed since then – and maybe show off some new stuff as well!

Our announcement trailer reveal in May went down better than we could possibly have imagined:

  • Over 100,000 combined views across Youtube and Twitter
  • Over a dozen press articles including PCGamer and Kotaku
  • A bunch of new Discord community members, now 500+ strong!

Along with the trailer, we also showed off some monster designs, a look into the game’s chemistry system, and also the fusion system. Our in-browser playable fusion demo also let players see for themselves the capabilities of our fusion system!

It’s been fun seeing fans discuss their favourite monster fusions!

Since the reveal, we’ve been showing off snippets of the game alongside working hard on it:

Our reveal trailer song, Same Old Story, was also announced as a part of Black Screen Record’s free compilation vinyl “Sounds of Summer 2020”. It’s really exciting to see our composer Joel’s work alongside other talented musicians – it’s totally free to order the record so you should totally do that!

As a little celebration for our quarter-year anniversary, we thought we’d show off some new monsters!

Carniviper and Dominoth

Carniviper may exude a friendly demeanour, but don’t let its smile fool you – it isn’t particularly welcoming. If these poison-type beasts are encountered in the grasslands of New Wirral, they are known to silently watch any passing humans intently until they leave their vicinity. If not, they’ll become hostile very quickly! You may also have seen Carniviper’s evolved form before.

Dominoths can flap their large wings to take flight, and also whip up gusts of wind to attack their foes. Rumours are that recording this air-type creature uniquely gives the one who recorded it the power to summon wings of their own… That can’t be true, can it?

That’s all for now! Thanks for joining us on this journey so far, it’s been great fun! There’s lots of cool stuff involving Cassette Beasts we can’t wait to talk about, so keep an eye on our Twitter page. As always, feel free to come by the Discord and chat to us!

We hope you’re keeping safe this summer!

Cat-5 & Kirikuri

Hey folks! Today we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the monsters that featured in our trailer, but haven’t been formally introduced!

Cat-5 and Kirikuri

Cat-5 is a powerful lightning-type beast, with razor sharp claws and a towering stature. Whilst its face may resemble a plasma screen display, it appears to be perfectly able to see out of it. How does it eat without a mouth, you may ask? It draws static electricity out of the atmosphere with its twin cable tails in order to power itself.

Cat-5, of course, featured prominently in our reveal trailer. We felt that its strange appearance that merges animal aspects with technology would showcase the monster design aesthetic of Cassette Beasts quite well!

Kirikuri is a plant-type monster. Before it evolved, it was a wooden training dummy – but now it has armed itself with a wooden practice sword and archery target shield. Its featureless face hidden behind a wicker hat, Kirikuri is a master of melee combat.

We also recently previewed Cassette Beast‘s weather system on our Twitter account, so you should definitely follow us there for future news and tidbits! And, as always, you can join our official Discord community to talk with us and the rest of the Bytten Studio community!

To commemorate a month or so passing since we announced the game, I also put together a little breakdown of how I animated the animated segment of our trailer (featuring Cat-5!). Check it out!

Until next time!