Monster Showcase

This week, we wanted to do a deep dive into some of the monsters of Cassette Beasts – including ones you’ve seen before, and ones you might not have! Let’s get started, shall we?

Springheel #001
Element: Beast

French: Ressortalon
Italian: Saltatore
German: Sprungfeder
Spanish: Botajack

The impish Springheel is a sight you will no doubt have seen if you played our Steam Next Fest demo! This annoying creature hides behind walls and trees where it is not easily spotted, only to leap out and attack those unlucky enough to pass by. In this form, however, the element of surprise belongs to you!

Tokusect #033
Element: Air

French: Tokusecte
Italian: Tokusetto
German: Tokusekt
Spanish: Tokusecto

Tokusects have extremely aerodynamic bodies, aiding a fighting style that is focused around using their pointed legs to strike opponents and channel powerful currents of air. In this form, your swift kicks can strike foes several times in the time it takes a moth to beat its wings.

Southpaw #040
Element: Metal

French: Loupunch
Italian: Lupomenaro
German: Linksausleger
Spanish: Lupdirecto

The mature form of the Puppercut, the Southpaw is covered in a light, flexible metal alloy that protects it without slowing it down. This wolf is a fast melee attacker – in this form, your strengths in battle will be your ability to hit fast and hit first.

Velocirifle #042
Element: Fire

French: Fusiraptor
Italian: Fuciliraptor
German: Velociflinte
Spanish: Velocirrifle

The base of its skull has chambers full of gunpowder that it can use to cause explosions. It can fire objects out of its face this way, as well as quick blasts of fire and flame! Whilst weak in melee combat, it excels as a ranged attacker.

Grampus #066
Element: Ice

French: Grampus
Italian: Adirampus
German: Grantpus
Spanish: Krampuñón

The fully matured form of Elfless. Having spent many years suppressing its emotions, the Grampus is a hulking brute with a desire to impart its own misery onto others, particularly during festive seasons. In this form, your melee strength will be very formidable!

Mascotoy #080
Element: Plastic

French: Mascotrépas
Italian: Mascolocco
German: Maskottier
Spanish: Mascuguete

Mascotoy proves that plastic-type beasts aren’t all fun and games. Once some sort of character costume, the Mascotoy is now closer to a shambling corpse. Whilst it’s slow, you wouldn’t want to be on the pointy end of its oversized claw. Perhaps if one were to record it, however, this unnerving entity would make for a formidable form to take in battle.

Cluckabilly #100
Element: Air

French: Cocorirock
Italian: Chicchirockì
German: Gackerbilly
Spanish: Cocabilly

Oh – this is new! Cluckabillies are defined by their antisocial attitudes. The force of their angry caws can be strong enough to create shockwaves. Whilst they may look unthreatening in their adolescent forms, it is said that they are capable of growing into something much more dangerous. They are well-rounded in battle, but their razor sharp blade tails give them a slight edge as melee fighters.

Last blog we teased a fusion between Domimoth and Nevermort.

What does that look like, exactly?

Well, they form Domimort!

Is that what you expected? Next time we’ll show off a fusion of two of the monsters shown off here today. Which two? You’ll just have to find out!

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Until next time!