Monster Showcase

Hey folks! It’s time to introduce some of the monsters of Cassette Beasts – including some you’ve seen before and some you might not have! Here we go…

Bansheep #019
Element: Beast

French: Fantômouton
Italian: Stregovina
German: Geisterschaf
Spanish: Beenshee

One of the two starting monsters you can choose from in Cassette Beasts, you may have already seen Bansheep if you played our Steam Next Fest demo back in October!

The eerie moans of the wild Bansheep at night have led many to believe that they are restless undead spirits, but this is untrue: they are very much alive, they just like to have a bit of a whine. Who doesn’t?

Candevil #014
Element: Beast

French: Gourmandiable
Italian: Zuccherello
German: Bonbonteufel
Spanish: Diablamelo

Candevils possess the peculiar ability to generate sugary sweets from their bodies, which can be used as gifts or as ballistic projectiles. Some find this quite charming, whereas others argue that it’s actually very weird and gross.

Candevil is the other starting monster. While Candevil and Bansheep both start with the Beast element, each of them can be remastered along two different branches, into more evolved forms that have very different elemental types.

Salamagus #059
Element: Fire

French: Salamage
Italian: Salamagus
German: Salamagus
Spanish: Salamago

The slippery Salamagus is a student of pyromancy and other arcane arts. It is able to breathe fire using fuel it stores in the pouches on its head – incidentally, these look like giant googly eyes to the untrained eye.

Squirey #034
Element: Beast

French: Écurikiki
Italian: Scudierrante
German: Drahtknappe
Spanish: Escuderazado

The common Squirey is often seen roaming the plains of New Wirral, searching for opponents to battle. Despite their cute appearances, they are dedicated warriors and driven by an innate desire for self-improvement.

Palangolin #036
Element: Metal

French: Palangolin
Italian: Lanciolino
German: Palangolin
Spanish: Palangolín

The Palangolin is the mature form of a Squirey who has remained true to their principles, and has become a knight of great virtue. Palangolins wield striking golden halberds, which they use to defend their allies in the heat of battle.

Manispear #035
Element: Metal

French: Chevalance
Italian: Malabardo
German: Manispeer
Spanish: Manistratega

Hey, wait… This one’s new, right?

If a Squirey gives in to their dark impulses whilst training, it is destined to become a Manispear. Hiding its face beneath a black helmet, the Manispear fights without restraint or self-control.

Wondering what a fusion of Manispear and Palangolin looks like? Well, together they form Manisgolin!

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Until next time!