Monster Showcase

It’s time for another monster showcase! You’ll have seen some of these before, but perhaps not all of them! Why don’t we take a look?

Sirenade #024
Element: Air

French: Sirènade
Italian: Sirenata
German: Sirenade
Spanish: Sirenata

You’ve already seen this one before if you played our demo – Kayleigh’s signature monster form Sirenade! Sirenades are particularly loud creatures, and can amplify their own singing voices through their microphone tails and wings. They don’t seem to have much awareness as to whether or not their singing is too loud for those around them.

Muskrateer #061
Element: Beast

French: Mousquerataire
Italian: Muschettiere
German: Moschketier
Spanish: Mosqueterrata

Muskrateers can often be found sharpening their swords on stones in the underground caves where they dwell. It is not uncommon to find them duelling any Squireys that happen to cross their paths. I also hear that they have remarkable balance!

Weevilite #012
Element: Plastic

French: Lumicrabe
Italian: Semaforello
German: Rüsselampel
Spanish: Semaforgojo

You might be able to guess – but this is one of the remastered forms of Traffikrab! The Weevilite’s long necks allow them to spot weaker monsters from afar, and by alternating flashes of their red and green eyes they can paralyse their prey with dizziness and mild migraines. This remastered form specialises in attack.

Terracooka #076
Element: Earth

French: Terracuisto
Italian: Terracotto
German: Terrakocher
Spanish: Terracocido

Terracookas are aspiring chefs, and will attempt to cook with whatever ingredients they can find in their subterranean cave habitats. Unfortunately this means that most of their practiced recipes include lichen, moss, or both lichen and moss.

Elfless #066
Element: Ice

French: Maskelfe
Italian: Introvelfo
German: Elflos
Spanish: Elfolfo

It’s a fun Christmas Elf! …It is fun, right? In order to hide their true emotions, Elfless fashion crude smiling masks out of tree bark. Unsubstantiated rumours claim that there is one day a year where all Elfless will assemble together to replace their old masks with new ones.

Macabra #028
Element: Beast

French: Macabra
Italian: Macabra
German: Makabra
Spanish: Macabra

What’s this fearsome thing?! The Macabra cannot see, but instead has the ability to “taste” the air around it for potential prey. It prefers to do so from a higher vantage point, and will often find a rock or animal skull to perch on whilst hunting.

OK, what does a fusion between Sirenade and Elfless look like, then?

Sirenless! Terrifying – I see! Well, that does it for this week. Which monster form would you transform into to battle? Come and let us know on our official Discord! You can always follow us on Twitter, too!

Until next time!